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Understanding the complexity and diversity of needs in metal processing within the metalworking industry, we guarantee an exceptionally wide sales program of quality abrasive products, alongside fast responsiveness and comprehensive professional support throughout the process.
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We invite you to share your challenges and goals in metal processing with us, so we can carefully examine them and offer you the best solutions from our rich selection of quality products for grinding, cutting, and polishing. Constant stock, a reliable partner network, and the ability to quickly produce products enable us to make immediate deliveries, saving you valuable time.
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The quality of the final result of your work depends not only on the product quality but also on the appropriate selection and method of use with the machines and tools you have. With our rich experience and knowledge, we are happy to advise you on which product to choose to achieve your goals and, if necessary, teach you how to best use it.
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For all your needs in metal processing within the metalworking industry, we guarantee fast and reliable delivery of quality products from our wide sales program.
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A Company with knowledge and experience
A client sent these laser-cut workpieces directly to the polishing shop, which caused a myriad of problems. Hot-rolled stainless steel, for instance, has many surface irregularities and pits that polishing alone cannot remove.
A Company with knowledge and experience
"A wool abrasive belt is significantly less aggressive than traditional abrasive cloth belts. Therefore, they are a better choice in such situations. Besides, it is also more robust and resistant to the sharp edges of the workpiece if it is not deburred beforehand," said Eurol's CEO Saša Kovač.
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