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We offer a diverse selection of European-manufactured diamond cutting tools for construction companies, craftsmen, and home users for specific and professional use on all types of construction materials and natural stones. With our products, you will complete your work quickly, reliably, and with quality.
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Quality construction work is the result of your knowledge and the good materials and tools you use in your work. By choosing high-quality diamond cutting or grinding discs and diamond drills and crowns from Eurol, you will achieve better results, optimize costs due to the long-lasting durability of materials, and always perform your work like true professionals.
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For all types of construction materials or natural stones and for dry or wet cutting, Eurol offers diamond products that will serve you with quality and longevity. Especially, we are committed to helping you choose the right product for your specific case, so we dedicate ourselves to each situation to assist you with professional advice and guidance. Contact us and trust us with your case.
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For all your needs in processing construction materials and natural stones, we guarantee fast and reliable delivery of high-quality diamond products from our wide sales program.
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Diamonds in each segment are bonded to the plate in different ways, with sintering being the most common. Sintering is a process of compressing metal powder in a mold with great force, so it takes on the desired shape. Then, the metal pieces are heated, sometimes for several days, until the metal fuses together.
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