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With experience, knowledge, and innovations developed over more than 30 years, we guarantee quality solutions for various woodworking needs. We rely on top Swiss and German products, with which you can achieve the best results in both manual processes and sophisticated machine operations.
Abrasive materials that don't leave cycloids
To ensure the highest quality of woodworking for your clients or yourself, we provide you with top-notch and thin abrasive belts that don't leave cycloids. Such processing traces on wood are simply not permissible for the most demanding customers, and woodworking at the highest level with Eurol's abrasive materials can be your competitive advantage.
Wide selection, quick delivery
We are here to provide you with quality and quick support for all your woodworking needs. Abrasive belts, gripping discs, formats, fiber discs, backing plates, sanding sponges, paper or canvas for manual sanding, materials for brushing wood, everything for parquetry, and more are always available with short delivery times.
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For all your manual or machine wood processing needs, we guarantee fast and reliable delivery of quality products from our wide sales program.
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