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Strategies for efficient asphalt cutting

by T. K., February 16, 2024
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Understanding and mastering the challenges of cutting asphalt requires more than just selecting the right tool; it demands a holistic approach that combines advanced technology and precision. Diaprox diamond cutting blades, designed for the specific requirements of asphalt, are key to efficient and clean cuts. Preparing the cutting area, selecting the right cutting tool, and the cutting technique play a crucial role in ensuring optimal results, regardless of challenges such as the abrasiveness of asphalt and heating during cutting that asphalt presents. Discover how you can achieve superior results with our tips and tools and avoid common mistakes that slow down work and reduce the quality of the cut.

Understanding asphalt and its challenges in cutting

In our previous post, we briefly mentioned the complexity of working with asphalt. As a mixture of sand or small stones mixed with bitumen, asphalt presents unique challenges due to its softening and sticking properties when heated. This characteristic poses a significant challenge during cutting operations, as the process generates considerable heat. High temperatures involved in cutting can cause further softening of the asphalt, complicating the cutting process as the material sticks to the cutting surface.

The composition of asphalt requires a special approach for efficient cutting. Unlike cutting through more rigid materials like concrete or stone, the softer and more abrasive nature of asphalt demands tailored cutting solutions. Here, choosing the right tool is crucial - particularly diamond cutting blades with hard bonds in their segment. These blades are designed to withstand the abrasive nature of asphalt, while reducing friction that causes heating, and ensure a clean and efficient cut.

Optimal tools for cutting asphalt: diamond cutting blades

The efficiency of a diamond cutting blade is largely due to its hard-bonded design and good ventilation system. This prevents asphalt material from sticking to the segments, and channels between individual teeth play a key role in dissipating heat during the cutting process.

The choice between wet, dry, and wet/dry diamond blades depends on the specific requirements of the job and the conditions under which cutting takes place. Wet cutting of asphalt is often a better choice for cutting asphalt, as it prevents melting and sticking of material to the segments. Regardless of the chosen cutting method, the principle remains the same: the hard bond in the segments of the diamond cutting blade is crucial for fast and efficient cutting through asphalt, reducing the risk of blade stalling and material sticking to the segments.

diamond cutting disc

Best practices for cutting asphalt

Cutting asphalt requires more than just the right tool; it also requires a methodical approach to ensure a clean, precise cut. Preparing the area by cleaning it of all debris before starting the cutting process is crucial. Clearly marking the cutting line and cleaning the area before cutting ensures that the cut will be level and smooth, allowing for a quality job.

Cutting blade specifications

NamePurpose of useDiameter (in mm)Segment hight (in mm)
Diaprox Asphalt basicBasic use300 - 600 11
Diaprox Asphalt laser E10Most tasks300 - 90011
Diaprox Asphalt laser S13Professional line300 - 600 13

In our company, we offer all the diamond cutting blades, designed for purposeful asphalt cutting.

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Cutting asphalt is a demanding process that requires adjusting to the properties of this material. The key to successful cutting lies in the correct choice of tools, such as diamond cutting blades with the appropriate strength of the bond and a heat dissipation system, and in choosing the cutting method that best suits the specific work conditions.

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