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Fiber disc Giant Turbo, a revolutionary grinding tool

by T. K., February 3, 2024
4 min
A tool that impresses

The Fiber Disc Giant Turbo is the most technologically advanced product in the ceramic abrasive tools industry. It is designed for professionals who accept no compromise in quality. Compared to competing products, this latest model can grind away more material faster due to its special composition of ceramic abrasive grains that possess a unique self-sharpening property.

fiber disc

Thanks to its unique design, which allows for exceptionally fast material removal speed, the Fiber disc Giant Turbo is one of the best options for the most demanding industrial areas. It is recommended for grinding welds on flat surfaces, preparing materials for welding, and other applications that require extensive stock removal.


The advantage of self-sharpening ceramic grains is that they break upon wear, continually exposing new, sharp particles on the surface. This ensures high cutting efficiency throughout the disc's lifespan. This feature not only extends the tool's service life but also reduces the frequency of disc replacements.

For materialGritDimensions (radius in mm)Grain
Stainless steel36, 60, 80115, 125, 180Ceramics 2.0
Steel36, 60, 80115, 125, 180Ceramics 2.0
Why Buy This Product?

Purchasing the Fiber Disc Giant Turbo is an investment in the future of your business. It will enable you to work faster, save on costs, and at the same time maintain high quality of the final products. Don't miss the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of this innovative product and gain a competitive edge in the market.

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